Small Steps Vol. 34: Etsy buys Depop 👗 Oil giants facing revolt 🛢️ ESG’s “win-win” narrative is not enough 📊

What stopped us in our tracks

👒 , a second-hand clothing marketplace popular with Gen Z, for $1.6b. It’s a very solid valuation for an impact startup, which turned over $70 million in revenue last year during COVID-19. The deal falls in line with Etsy’s anti-Amazon ethos of empowering creators and environmental sustainability, which customers and investors have rewarded over the years. Etsy’s revenue (and share price) .

🌎 Acceptance of the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance metrics) movement has been largely driven by a “win-win” narrative, in which companies that act more responsibly are rewarded by investors and customers. Duncan Austin, however, makes an excellent argument that , and negative impact industries must incur cost. For us, this reaffirms the critical role of impact startups in accelerating decarbonisation and ensuring social wellbeing — where ESG is not a business decision, it’s embedded.

🛢️ Oil giants are reckoning with revolt. A court in the Netherlands (where Shell is based) ruled that Shell needed to reduce its emission in line with the Paris agreement, , which could set a precedent for governments forcing involuntary targets on emissions-heavy companies. Meanwhile, over at Exxon, climate activist investors scored a major win, winning a vote to install two .

Giant Leaps

💡 Huge congrats to Amber Electric, who secured a (they’re also !)

💃 GlamCorner in .

🚀 Full Cycle Bioplastics took home for its work in creating bioplastics that can be used to store food in space.

Career pathways

⚡ Amber is hiring senior marketing roles in .

🐜 Goterra is on the lookout for a

💊 Perx is hiring

📦 Sendle is searching for a

🥚 The Paul Ramsay Foundation is

🔥 As always, there’s 50+ more jobs on the and more jobs at ethical companies on the .

For the road

🚜 Tenacious Ventures announced final close of its , which is making a point on investing in impact.

💵 Meanwhile, in the US, impact investor Collaborative investing across climate, health, and food.

🐸 Leapfrog published , reporting they have benefited the lives of over 221.4 million people, equivalent to the world’s 4th most populous country.

📊 2/3 of investors .

💳 Victorian startups can access discounts on business technology services like Zoom and Zendesk here .

🌾 Plant-based company Oatley . Wow.

🌲 and have been leading the charge in funding carbon removal projects. If you knew the carbon footprint of your purchase, would it change your mind?

🙋 Applications for SheEO Ventures, offering female founders expert coaching and a 0% interest loan to kick start their business, has .

🏎️ A just landed in Australia.

❤️ And finally,

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