Small Steps Vol. 37: Why healthtech and edtech are crucial to climate action 🌎 circular economy startups’ unfair advantage 💪 abandoned coal mines for zero carbon heating 🔥

Food for thought

💡Investment and innovation in cleantech has kicked up a notch in recent years. But cleantech only gets us so far in addressing climate change.

What we’re thinking about

♻️ The World Economic Forum’s Helen Burdett featured on the Circular Economy Podcast on the back of a report that showed that impact-oriented startups have a 43% higher chance of scaling up than purely commercial ones. This backs up the argument for the “Impact Moat”- the unfair advantage of startups doing good.

New career paths

🐛 Goterra is hiring a Bio-technician to help with insect farming.

Giant leaps

♿ Loop+ featured in OnImpact talking about their commercialisation strategy.

Connect with us

🌊 Assuming the lockdown lifts as planned, our Partner, Rachel Yang, will be attending the Surf Coast Sustainable Pitch Party later this month in Torquay.

For the road

🙌 Congrats to Artesian, who released their Annual Impact report showing that their 2020 investments saved over 1,600 metric tonnes of carbon (or 753 fewer cars on the road).



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